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Maka Sihu CBD aims to appeal to each individual seeking the benefits of top quality CBD relief. We thoroughly create our unique blends of cannabinoids to make sure our products can help any and everyone who is looking to try the benefits of CBD.

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Hands down best CBD products and most knowledgeable staff in California. Store has refreshing /welcoming environment and I definitely recommend everyone visits.
Manuel Herrera
This is literally a God-send. From my anxiety to my pains from training, the cbd full spectrum tincture is like magic. I implore everyone to try this. Get off the pills and try this. I promise its efficacy.
DJ Harnox Beats
Had the best first experience today. They were very informative and helped me find something to work for me and my dog ❤ Couldn’t be happier with the way things turned out . Definitely go back. Only place to shop!
Deanna Rose
I’m a busy mom and I have been using CBD oil for joint pain, anxiety and difficulty sleeping. It really is all about healing without the high! Every woman should have a CBD tincture in her supplement cabinet. It is also safe for pets!
Katie Bechtel
Won a bag of their Chocolate CBD Laffy Taffy and I was very happy with the product. It helped me with my anxiety, pain, and tasted great! I can't wait to try more of their products. I recommend checking them out! Thanks Elk Grove!
Myron Sanchez
I was new to CBD and wasn't sure where to start. I was happy to find Elk Grove CBD! All their companies follow strict quality standards, so I knew whatever I got y0would be safe. Plus, I was able to get a discount code which was great! Highly recommend.👍
Chuck Sedlacek
I had the opportunity to do business with this great company. With super fast shipping and such great customer service, i know they will be a good choice for those looking to first try CBD and daily users! I would truly recommend this place to anyone!!
Lee Erickson
Great soothing environment As soon as I walked through the door with my family. The staff was exceptionally knowledgeable and they really cared about why we were looking for CBD. Got the best pain relief balm, the best quality tincture and high alkaline water. Our family is happy!!
GMG Initiative
Best place to get great ideas and prices for all of your CBD needs! Seriously one stop shopping and the quality is phenomenal! I loved the Pure Hemp spray for stress and wouldn't ever buy CBD products from any other source, seriously. Friendly, convenient and intelligent shopping 💚💚💚
Beth Bootsma
I bought some CBD oil and some gummy's for my mom, she absolutely love them and felt rested after as she has insomnia, the owner was amazing and very talkative. I like the fact that he was very knowable and personal with me, feel like I know him forever I'll definitely come back and recommend this location.
Alberto Martinez
When you walk in this place The employees greet you with a smile there very polite and they explain every thing in detail . I personally would recommend this place to any one who is looking for a CBC shop. its clean quiet . Thank you for giving me the best business i wish i could give you more stars but 5 is the limit lol
Tammy R
Genuinely the best CBD products I've found. (And I've tried a lot over the years) Absolutely earned a 5 star rating. Finally found a tincture for my dogs that doesn't upset their stomach too. The Maka Sihu brand specifically is the best quality compared to others I've tried.
Jason Verbelli

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